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"I did not handle it well, I own it."

Kim Foxx admits that she has abused the high-profile indictment of Empire actor Jussie Smollett on Tuesday's re-election video for the Procuratorate of Cook County, "says Foxx in the video. "That belongs to me." "I change my office to make it better," she adds. "That's what the reform is about." In the video, Foxx goes on to say that these …

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SNL mocks Warren's $ 52T "Medicare-for-all": "If the numbers are that big, they just do it!"

With the remarkably versatile Kate McKinnon in the lead, Saturday Night Live's cold opening this weekend was aimed at Sen. Elizabeth Warren's $ 52 trillion "Medicare-for-All" care plan. "I'm in my natural habitat – a public school on a weekend," joked McKinnon's excited Warren in a city hall in Iowa, complete with fist pumps, some "whoos" and the senator's croaky …

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"If I threaten someone, you will know it"

"If I threaten anyone, you'll know," White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway told reporters on Friday morning in a bizarre, hour-long effort to discredit an audio recording that seemed to threaten her with the resources of the West Wing for investigations to use a reporter's privacy the day before. "I never threatened anyone," Conway told a group of white house journalists. …

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Trump campaign with "Get Over It" T-shirts after explosive Mulvaney Presser

It appears that the Trump 2020 campaign seeks to take advantage of the advice of the White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, who this week was given to reporters in connection with the controversy over telephone conversations between Trump and Ukraine. Friday The campaign added a "Get Over It" T-shirt to the list of other trump-pence merchandise. The black …

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Tim Cook's 5 words to control the narrative: "The way I see it"

Good communicators know how to answer questions about their company's products, finances or visions. They do not stray or give kinky answers. They use words that are precise and assertive. And there are few executives doing better than Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. If you're a business owner, small business owner, or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, most people do …

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Pelosi Tears Trump's Offer to Link Dems to "Squad" Promises "Not to waste our time on it"

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi vehemently opposed President Trump's efforts to see the progressive "troop" of New York MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as her party's face after the fragile Caucus banded together, to condemn the president's racially accused tweets. "With all due respect, do not let us waste our time on it," Pelosi said during a press conference in the Capitol when …

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