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Madewell, the jeans brand of J Crew, announces an IPO

The company will be called Madewell Group and want to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq, it said in a late November security announcement. At this early stage, Madewell has neither quoted an IPO price nor announced when the IPO is planned. The next step will be to meet investors and measure interest in a …

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Kyle Richards gets PC crowd after Macy's Pulls Skinny Jeans Plates

Play Video Content Exclusive TMZ.com Kyle Richards says everyone has to take a damn chill pill after Macy's was forced to wear his so-called "skinny jeans" plates to pull oneself were classified as body shaming. We've starred at Fred Segals in LA on Monday RHOBH & # 39; and asked after the storm of controversy that was triggered by a …

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The inventor of blue jeans has just made a big comeback

Over the course of the last century, Levi Strauss has launched a fashion revolution, from bell pants to skinny jeans, which make denim a staple in consumer robes around the world. The old American icon (LEVI) is facing a renaissance – at least among investors – after it was re-listed on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday. The stock …

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Levi's CEO: Do not put your jeans in the freezer

Bergh turned up at an event in May 2014 when he announced that he had never washed the 501 Levi jeans he was wearing at the time. He still has not washed the 10-year jeans, Bergh admitted to the live show of CNN Business & # 39; s Markets Now with Alison Kosik on Thursday. He does not freeze his …

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Meghan Markles favorite jeans are back in stock

Meghan Markle may be royal, but she still loves a pair of ripped jeans, just like the rest of us. The Duchess of Sussex has already conquered the hearts of fashionistas of the world with their choice of styles, from classic coats to cool-girl denim outfits. Known for sparkling fashion at every step, Markle has ensured that designs from multiple …

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