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[VIDEO] “The Masked Singer”: [Spoiler] Is Kangaroo in Season 3

SIMILAR POSTS If there was a stealth competitor this season The masked singer, it was Kangaroo. It wasn’t that viewers didn’t guess the name of former Kardashian henchman Jordyn Woods immediately after their appearance in the season premiere because they totally did. But the element of doubt was considerable … mainly because no one outside the reality show personality’s family …

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Three-sex worm carrying its offspring like a discovered kangaroo

Real life is certainly stranger than fiction. A microscopic worm with three different sexes survives a dose of arsenic that would kill a person 500 times and is able to carry its young in its body similar to a kangaroo was discovered in one of the most uninhabitable places on earth , The research finds that the worm, known as …

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Ninja kangaroo rats occur in viral video as a rattlesnake: California study

CLOSE And you thought Master Splinter taught only Ninja Turtles. Buzz60s Tony Spitz has the details. Buzz60 In a battle between a kangaroo rat and a rattlesnake that may be set on the rat, according to a new investigation from California. High-speed videos, taken by researchers from the University of California Riverside, show that small rodents, often weighing only 4.5 …

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When did the kangaroo jump? Scientists have the answer

Image Copyright Peter Shouten / Australian Geographic Caption Reconstruction of an old tree kangaroo (left) Scientists have discovered when the kangaroo learned to hop – much earlier than previously thought. According to new fossils, the origin of the famous kangaroo walk goes back 20 million years. Living kangaroos are the only large mammal that uses hopping on two legs as …

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Roger the Kangaroo: Enormous Roo dies at the age of 12

Image copyright Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs Roger, a kangaroo who became world famous for his huge size and impressive body, died at the age of 12. The roo was rescued as Joey after his mother died in a car crash and grew up in the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia. And he grew up a lot, ending more than …

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