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China applies Hong Kong’s security law to Hong Kong citizens of the United States

The Hong Kong police have issued arrest warrants for six democracy-friendly activists living in exile. For the first time, the city authorities have implemented a comprehensive new law to target activists living outside of Hong Kong. These include Samuel Chu, a U.S. citizen living in the United States, Nathan Law, a prominent activist who recently moved to Britain after fleeing …

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Trump’s lifting of Hong Kong’s special status hurts the US more than China (opinion)

Few would deny that Beijing’s national security law, which allows Beijing to define secession, subversion, terrorism, or interference by foreign forces, paves the way for worrying restrictions on the civil liberties of Hong Kong citizens. But once again, President Trump has chosen a dramatic but doomed policy that will do little harm to China and further isolate the United States …

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Hong Kong’s national security law, explained

Chinese lawmakers met behind closed doors this week in Beijing to push ahead with a proposed national security law that could drastically restrict freedom of expression in Hong Kong and increase China’s tensions with the West. A session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress – the supreme legislative body of the communist country – ends on Saturday, …

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Hong Kong’s mental health had already been affected by the protests. Then the corona virus came

The novel outbreak of the corona virus The novel outbreak of the corona virus The novel outbreak of the corona virus The Michigan State Police prevented protesters from entering the Michigan House of Representatives chamber on Thursday, April 30. The demonstrators were dissatisfied with the state’s order to stay at home. Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently extended the contract until May …

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You can hardly isolate yourself in Hong Kong’s cage houses

Practicing vigorous social distancing at home is not an option for Lum. He lives in one of the “cage houses” in Hong Kong, in divided apartments, which often only have space for one bed and clothes. His closest neighbor is only a few meters away and is in the same room. Are cage houses usually less than 100 square feet, …

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China uses the corona virus as cover to undermine Hong Kong’s freedoms – quartz

In one fell swoop, more than a dozen veterans from the Hong Kong democracy movement were arrested on Saturday (April 18) for their role in the large-scale protests last year. While the government has increasingly arrested opposition figures – including a threatening midnight arrest of a council for incitement – mass weekend arrests are unprecedented in scale and importance, signaling …

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