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Lack of immunity means that China is vulnerable to another wave of coronavirus, warns top advisors

Dr. Zhong Nanshan, the Chinese government’s senior medical advisor and the public face of the country’s fight against Covid-19, confirmed in an exclusive interview with CNN on Saturday that local authorities were in Wuhan, the city where the novel coronavirus was first reported December had suppressed important details about the extent of the first outbreak. China has reported more than …

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Wendy’s takes burgers off the menu, while Costco and Kroger warn of a lack of meat

Wendy’s restaurant has removed burgers from the menu in some places, and Costco and Kroger grocery stores have announced limited beef stocks as Americans feel the effects of the pandemic-induced meat shortage. On Monday, angry customers found that Wendy’s trademark could no longer be ordered and only chicken items to take away and deliver to selected locations across the country …

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Corona virus live updates: increasing lack of dialysis units alarms doctors

Dialysis for Covid-19 patients is the most recent unforeseen challenge for hospital taxation. Doctors are struggling to cope with an unexpected crisis, as an increase in Covid-19 patients with kidney failure has resulted in a lack of the machines, supplies, and staff needed for emergency dialysis. There is growing evidence that the coronavirus, in addition to respiratory complications, also shuts …

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The British government is increasingly criticized for the lack of protective clothing

LONDON (Reuters) – Doctors and health workers criticized the UK government on Saturday that personal protective equipment (PPE) worn to treat coronavirus-infected patients could be reused as supplies are running low across the country. Two people practicing social distancing from graffiti to support the NHS while coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread, Liverpool, UK, April 18, 2020. REUTERS / Phil …

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Why the lack of toilet paper is more than just hoarding

On a last Friday afternoon in western Iowa, a man was waiting in line to buy toilet paper at a local dollar general store when another customer, according to local police, started to grieve the man. It was about the amount of toilet paper bought. After feeling threatened by the aggressive behavior of the other customer, the toilet paper buyer …

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Despite Trump’s optimism, the lack of sport could extend into the fall

Although President Trump is optimistic that the sports leagues could play again “sooner than later”, the sports leaders have planned a longer postponement of games and events, which will extend into the fall and possibly later. After meeting with the commissioners of several major sports leagues on Saturday, Mr. Trump discussed the resumption of sports in August, ESPN reported, although …

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