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Prehistoric disorder on land has resulted in larger, more intelligent human brains

CNN – The way our ancestors got used to inconsistent landscapes full of obstacles that, according to researchers at Northwestern University, “jet fueled” the evolution of the brain of animals and early human ancestors. The combination of improved eyesight and higher intelligence to survive in this complex rural environment is “the reason why we can eat seafood but seafood is …

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Half of the world’s ice-free land remains unchanged from humans

About half of the world’s ice-free country remains unchanged from humans and can still be protected with rapid protective measures, as a new study shows. US researchers compared four current global maps showing the transformation of natural land into “anthropogenic land” – land that was used by humans. Fortunately, about half or somewhere between 48 and 56 percent of the …

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The first spaceX-proven rocket from SpaceX returns to land

Three days after SpaceX became the first privately developed rocket in history to put people into orbit, the first Falcon 9 booster detected by astronauts has returned safely to land. While the sheer importance of SpaceX’s flawless launch of the astronaut launch and arrival of the space station cannot be overstated, the fact remains that the vast majority of the …

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Space photos of the week: Europe! Don’t try to land there

If you are If you’re looking for life in the solar system, you might start with the icy moons. One of the most likely people to live is Jupiter’s third Galilean satellite, Europe. Under its thick ice crust, there is probably a massive inner ocean that contains more water than the entire earth combined. It is also salty. (We know …

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Winners and losers of the NFL Draft Round 1 2020: Dolphins land QB directly, Packers shock the world and more

The fans expected an entertaining first round on the opening night of the 2020 NFL Draft. These fans weren’t disappointed as several teams took bold steps to improve their squad in the coming season. As expected, there were several teams that had very successful nights, while some teams didn’t do themselves a favor by making questionable decisions on Thursday. With …

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