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Latinos have to deal with “deeply rooted” racism against blacks under George Floyd’s protests, a certain urge

Ana Sanz, 26, marched about 10 miles with a sprained ankle in Washington, DC on Monday to protest George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis and to demand accountability for law enforcement officials to dehumanize black people. But Sanz, an Afro-Latinx from Washington who works with women to overcome domestic and sexual violence, said it was time for something else too – …

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Biden cleans up with Latinos after making a comment

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been viewed with suspicion by immigration reform officials in the past for failing to reach Latino communities. | Charlie Neibergall) / AP Photo Elections 2020 "It is unacceptable for a candidate who is a democratic candidate for POTUS to use such a language," said one activist. By MARC CAPUTO and NATASHA KORECKI [19659006] 14.08.2013 …

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Latinos march, rally a week after fatal El Paso shootings

EL PASO, Texas – A week after an armed man targeting Latinos shot and killed 22 people and injured about two dozen, El Paso residents and others marched to deliver a haunting message: Don & # 39; Do not forget what happened here. "¡Ya Basta! And! Enough is enough!" Protesters, including Hispanics, who came to the demonstration from other parts …

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Shaken by the El Paso shots, Latinos in the US fear they will be attacked next

There was something much more terrible: an ambush carried out by an armed man who made no secret of his hatred for Latinos. "We all feel it, we're all shaken by it," said Vicki Gaubeca, who lives in Tucson, Arizona, and is executive director of the Southern Border Communities Coalition. "Rhetoric empowers racists and white Supremacists and people who hate …

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Ted Cruz criticizes Ilhan Omar for suggesting to Latinos that they can not compete with a merit-based immigration system

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, blamed Rep. Ihan Omar, D-Minn., On Tuesday evening for suggesting that Latino immigrants could not compete in a merit-based immigration system. Omar described a merit-based immigration system as discriminatory and racist in a now-deleted tweet. Omar's remarks probably aimed at President Trump's May plan to authorize the entry of immigrants to the US on the basis …

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The discussion about gun control can also be complicated for Latinos

Surveys show that the country is in balance between protecting firearms ownership and controlling possession of weapons. While a majority of Americans support individual measures, such as banning high-capacity magazines and creating a federal database to track arms sales, their support for more gun laws is worsening as gun rights are discussed abstractly. The same Pew study reported that 51 …

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