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The Louisiana activist rips a school board member for “shopping” during the debate over the renaming of Lee High School

A video of a black Baton Rouge activist gutting a white school board member for online purchases during a meeting to rename a school named after slave owner Robert E. Lee has gone viral. Gary Chambers, who was a candidate for the Louisiana Senate last year, met Connie Bernard at Thursday’s meeting. He had photographed Connie on her laptop while …

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Spike Lee saved my life

I was raised by a caring single mother. She did her best to prepare me for the reality of being a black man in America, but she also made sure that I knew that not every white person was a racist. Still, she was afraid of a group of people: the police. And from their son who meets them. She …

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Hong Kong protests: Martin Lee, “father of democracy”, caught between extremes

HONG KONG – He was once the most popular politician in Hong Kong, who was described by many as the “father of democracy”. He helped write the mini constitution that anchored the city’s valuable freedoms lacking in mainland China. For almost four decades, he provoked Beijing by campaigning for civil liberties, but remained a respected part of Hong Kong’s political …

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The Richmond judge prohibits the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue indefinitely

On June 8, Richmond Circuit judge Bradley B. Cavedo issued an injunction to prevent the state from dismantling the 130-year-old statue. He responded to a lawsuit filed by a descendant of the couple who had signed the memorial certificate to the state. Cavedo said on Thursday that he was not sure whether the descendant William C. Gregory was legally entitled …

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Spike Lee apologizes for the support of accused director Woody Allen

Image rights EPA Image description Spike Lee said, “I don’t know if you can just delete someone as if they never existed.” Filmmaker Spike Lee apologized after speaking up for “friend” Woody Allen, whose daughter accused him of abusing her when she was seven. Lee released the Cancel culture on Friday and described his fellow directors as “a great, great …

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Spike Lee apologizes for defending Woody Allen

As evidence that the apology cycle for celebrities is accelerating at warp speed, Spike Lee apologized today for comments he made yesterday on New York radio’s WOR “In Defense of Woody Allen’s” In the Morning. ” “I just want to say that Woody Allen is a great filmmaker, and this rejection is not just Woody. And I think if we …

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