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An excess of tiny gravitational lenses observed in galaxy clusters

Gravitational lenses in galaxy clusters The large mass of a galaxy cluster deflects light away from background objects, a phenomenon known as the gravitational lens. The large-scale gravitational lens caused by the entire cluster can be modified by smaller mass concentrations within the cluster like individual galaxies. Meneghetti et al. examined these tiny gravitational lenses while observing 11 galaxy clusters. …

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Snapchat’s latest custom lenses are designed for dance videos

Snap has updated its Lens Studio platform to allow artists and developers to create custom lenses – the company’s term for AR experiences – that leverage full body tracking. The maker of Snapchat has created two templates, full body triggers and full body attachments, which can produce different effects depending on what the user is doing within the framework. As …

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Use of computer-aided chemistry to produce cheaper infrared plastic lenses

The University of Arizona senior author and PhD student Tristan Klein demonstrates the transparency of the lens to infrared light. Picture credits: Mikayla Mace Five years ago, when the materials scientist at the University of Arizona, Jeffrey Pyun, introduced his first generation of orange plastic lenses to optical scientist Robert Norwood, he replied, "This is not the '60s." No one …

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Scientists make contact lenses that zoom when blinking twice

Improve! Thomas Trutschel It's absolutely the stuff of science fiction: a contact lens that zooms on your command. But scientists at the University of California at San Diego have pushed it and made it a reality. You have created a contact lens that is controlled by eye movements and that can be increased by blinking twice. How is this possible? …

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Robotic contact lenses that allow users to zoom in by blinking the eyes detected by scientists

Scientists have developed a robotic lens that is controlled by small eye movements, including double blinking to zoom in and out. Most soft robots are manually controlled or preprogrammed, but the lenses mimic the natural electrical signals in the human eyeball that are active even when the eye is closed. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, used these …

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The brightest object ever seen by gravity lenses is 600 trillion times brighter than our Sun – NextBigFuture.com

Astronomers have discovered the brightest object ever seen with the gravity lens. They do not expect many quasars to be brighter than the entire observable universe. The quasar is fueled by a supermassive black hole in the heart of a young galaxy. It releases an immense amount of energy as the black hole consumes material around it. Without the force …

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