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Hubble spots are a stunning spiral galaxy in Leo

NGC2903 is a very photogenic spiral galaxy. ESA / Hubble & NASA, L. Ho et al. The next time you look at the Leo constellation that Leo has hung over the night sky, think that there is so much more going on there than the few twinkling stars we can see with the naked eye. NASA and the European Space …

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Brexit: Theresa May meets with Leo Varadkar for Brexit talks

Image copyright Maxwell Photography Caption Theresa May arrived Friday night at the Farmleigh House in Dublin The Prime Minister met Leo Varadkar in Dublin for talks on Brexit and political deadlock in Northern Ireland. Theresa May returned to the UK after a dinner with Irish Prime Minister Taoiseach. The talks at Farmleigh House lasted about two hours. The meeting took …

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Leo Varadkar says Britain can not sit unilaterally at attack

Leo Varadkar, Ireland's prime minister, has warned Theresa May that the EU will never accept a Brexit deal that allows Britain to unilaterally deviate from a hard-line guarantee in Ireland. Mr Varadkar told British Prime Minister He was ready to consider a "review mechanism" for the so-called Northern Ireland backstop – the last big bone of contention in the Brexit …

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First look at Leo and Brad in Once upon a time in Hollywood

First look at Leo and Brad in Once upon a time in Hollywood [19659004] Your first View of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in Quentin Tarantino's Coming Crime Story Once upon a time in Hollywood is here on DiCaprio's Instagram. Take a look at the entire photo of Leo and Brad in the 60s! The massive ensemble for the film …

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