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All extraterrestrials in 1,004 nearby star systems could discover life on Earth

Astronomers have identified 1,004 Sun-like stars that Earth-like planets might have in their orbits. All intelligent aliens on these exoplanets could see the signs of life on earth. The researchers say these stars could be prime targets in finding extraterrestrial life: if we know about the extraterrestrials and they know about us, there may be a better chance of communication. …

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NASA publishes never-before-seen images of Bennu, an asteroid that may contain the building blocks of life

Following the historic touchdown of the asteroid Bennu on Tuesday, NASA released never-before-seen images of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft hurling stones and debris onto the surface of the space rock. The images are from the time OSIRIS-REx approached and landed on the surface of Bennu, which is more than 200 million miles from Earth. “The spacecraft’s sampling arm – called the …

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How a Greenhouse Disaster Killed Almost All Life – HeritageDaily

The history of the earth knows catastrophes that are unimaginable for humans. For example, around 66 million years ago, an asteroid impact marked the end of the dinosaur era. Long before that, 252 million years ago, the earth at the border between the Permian and Triassic epochs experienced a far more extreme mass extinction that wiped out about three quarters …

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Life on Mars: The Indian Connection | Detailed

October 18, 2020, 8:58 pm ISTSource: TOI.in Meet Dr. Ram Karan, an enzyme researcher in Saudi Arabia. Karan searched for the answer to the existence of life in extreme conditions. The 37-year-old scientist’s search has now focused on Mars. On September 28, a study in Nature confirmed the presence of a subglacial lake on Mars and three more around it. …

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Akhil is worried about married life!

Well, we’re referring to Akhil Akkineni’s most suitable undergraduate film in which he is seen as a man struggling for his married life. The pre-teaser of ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ with Akhil Akkineni has been released and introduces Akhil as Harsha. He says that in a man’s life fifty percent is career and the other half is married life. “I finished …

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Priyanka Chopra reveals 2 things from pre-COVID life that she doesn’t miss

Like many people around the world, Priyanka Chopra’s life has changed significantly since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began. The pandemic undoubtedly has many drawbacks. However, Chopra has also achieved two positive results for her – things she does not miss in her pre-COVID life. Priyanka Chopra | Andreas Rentz / Getty Images for Paramount Pictures Priyanka Chopra worked a lot …

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