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The British Foreign Minister warns China that it cannot be trusted because London is introducing Magnitsky-style sanctions

“China has freely made international commitments to the United Kingdom … regarding the way it would treat Hong Kong and, in particular, respect autonomy and freedoms,” said Raab. “It is a matter of trust, and many countries around the world ask this question: will China meet its international obligations? If they cannot be trusted to keep their word about Hong …

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LGBT + marches from London to New York call for an end to racism world news

As thousands of people marched worldwide for pride and racial justice this weekend, many demonstrators called for an end to the often overlooked racism within the LGBT + community. Pride events celebrating LGBT + rights take place worldwide throughout June – though most have been canceled or put online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic – but the emergence …

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Black Lives Matter’s protester, Patrick Hutchinson, was hailed as a hero for the rescue of an extreme right-wing protester in close combat in London

The British tabloids, including the right-wing ones, called Hutchinson a “hero”, and the awards of politicians and ordinary people poured into social media. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said: “Patrick Hutchinson’s instinct at this moment represents the best of us.” On his Instagram account, Hutchinson wrote: “We saved a life today.” In an interview with British broadcaster 4, Hutchinson …

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Huge crowds march against police brutality in Australia and London

SYDNEY, Australia – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned her against taking part in the Black Lives Matter marches on Saturday because of the risk of coronavirus, but tens of thousands were not deterred. The UK health minister asked residents not to gather for similar demonstrations in cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham to stop the virus from spreading. Nevertheless, …

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The Imperial College London scientist warns that barriers could become the norm

A professor at Imperial College London claims that there may never be a coronavirus vaccine and that governments have to respond to future outbreaks of the pathogen with regional or national bans. Dr. David Nabarro, a World Health Organization (WHO) Special Representative for Covid-19, said there could be no “absolute assumption” that “a vaccine will be released at all.” The …

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