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Reporter's Notebook: With ship, Pelosi's actions speak louder than words

CAPITOL HILL – John Coltrane was unearthed. Coltrane recorded the tracks in 1963. The album is titled "Both Directions at Once." The name of Coltrane's work epitomizes what Democrats are trying to do with impeachment right now – and everything else on Capitol Hill. Go both directions at once. After all, Democrats dove headfirst into the impeachment inquiry surrounding President …

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Ecobee Smart Thermostat review: faster, sleeker, louder

Ecobee has just announced its latest thermostat, the simply named Smart Thermostat. This fifth-generation model looks very similar to 2017's Ecobee4, and it shares that model's built-in Alexa smart speaker features. But the new SmartThermostat has a number of upgrades, including faster performance, a louder, better-quality speaker, nicer materials, and a completely redesigned remote sensor. The SmartThermostat is available starting …

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Second Brexit referendum 'now at option' as calls for a new vote get louder

Pro-Brexit groups argue that holding another referendum would be undemocratic, arguing that the government should deliver the result of the 2016 referendum instead. Brexit referendum. Labor has also come to terms with the Brexit deal, or Withdrawal Agreement. On Tuesday, May voted down by a majority of the UK Parliament (432 votes against and 202 for it). Following this historic …

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Saudi Arabia fears critics like Hasan Minhaj. But they only get louder.

After the worst year for Saudi Arabia's image since the September 11 attacks, several citizens were involved, the Kingdom began a new controversy in 2019 when it asked Netflix to stop Saudi users from viewing an episode of the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj ". On January 1, the Financial Times confirmed that Netflix had complied, leading to an international …

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The LG G7 ThinQ speaker is ten times louder than others

LG did not tell the whole story in its teaser, but in short, the Boombox speaker relies on a special resonator chamber design inside the phone. The attached image even suggests that the speaker somehow uses the entire body of the device, which should provide much more resonant space than conventional smartphone speaker modules. We will try to learn more …

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