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Magic Leap’s $ 2.6 billion lure and switch – TechCrunch

Two years ago, I participated in an “Innovation in Immersive Storytelling” event at Industrial Light & Magic in which the Chief Game Wizard of Magic Leap participated. I should have known from all the tense magic of the companies in that sentence that their death was inevitable. In fact, as a skeptic of Magic Leap, I got into this conversation …

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People lure Instacart workers with huge tips and then cut them to zero

According to a new CNN report, Instacart employees are wooed with large tip orders, only to find that they have dropped to zero after a delivery. With Instacart, users can set their own tip for every purchase request. However, you can also change it up to three days after placing an order to customize the experience. However, the staff claim …

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Ukrainian leaders believe that Trump's and Giuliani's demands for a Biden investigation will lure Kiev into a trap

In both cases, there is a risk that the cross-party consensus that has supported Ukraine since 2014 against Russia will be broken when the Kremlin annexes the Crimean region of Ukraine and stirs up the war in eastern Ukraine. If Ukraine is associated with one or the other US political party, it could jeopardize relations with its main security patron. …

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Facebook is secretly working on LOL – a meme hub that aims to lure youngsters from Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok

Facebook did not give up putting on teenagers. After numerous failed products for teenagers – including LOL, Facebook Watch and IGTV – the company is now working hard on LOL, a kind of Meme hub that should win the hearts and minds of teenagers looking for greener pastures at TikTok, Snapchat , are. and Instagram. First reported by TechCrunch's Josh …

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Schedule a giant laser to lure aliens to Earth

Stephen Hawking warned that messaging aliens are a really terrible idea – much like putting up a sign saying "ATTACK HERE". But scientists at MIT say we can create a "beacon" with existing laser technology. Aliens could be seen up to 20,000 light-years away. The researchers suggest that if we focus a high-power laser through a giant telescope (up to …

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