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Uber, Lyft's poor performance is a big advantage for IPO investors

It's an IPO showdown. With the office-sharing giant WeWork, the SmileDirectClub company and the home fitness player Peloton, who are expected to go public in the coming weeks, some are looking for further IPOs in 2019. These include the overwhelming success of the fake-meat maker Beyond Meat, as well as the not-so-fierce shares of the ride-hail companies Uber and Lyft, …

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Analyze what Lyft's IPO means for Uber and the future of mobility – TechCrunch

Extra Crunch offers members the ability to tune into teleconferences hosted and moderated by TechCrunch authors who read you daily. This week, TechCrunch's Kirsten Korosec and Kate Clark talked profoundly about Lyft's initial public offering and prospects for further business. After Lyft's shares rallied nearly 10% on its first day, Lyft's share price declined again on the initial public offering, …

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Lyft's IPO and PCE Price Index bring out the Bulls

Major Moves One of the signs of a healthy stock market is the high demand and successful completion of IPOs. Thanks to the bear market of 2018 and the shock that Wall Street triggered, we have not seen many major IPOs lately. That ended today. Stocks of up and coming Lyft, Inc. (LYFT) debated this morning on the Nasdaq. Anxious …

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5 important reasons for opting for Lyft's IPO in 2019

The big debate among IPO investors is now whether they prefer Uber or Lyft. Both companies seem to offer virtually the same services, but when you get into the details, things get less clear. Lyft is technically a "unicorn" valued at over $ 1 billion, and Friday's flotation covered a lot of interesting information. Based on these new statistics and …

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Lyft's IPO is a pure bet on the US passenger market

Lyft's IPO, which could follow next month, could serve as an icebreaker on the frozen IPO market. US deals have fallen sharply, mainly as a result of the longest government shutdown in American history. The documents give Wall Street an insight into the value of Lyft's worth of $ 25 billion. Key questions include how close Lyft is to profitability, …

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Lyft's rating doubles to a year in the fight with Uber at $ 15.1 billion

Updated on June 27, 2018 12:54 pm ET Ride-Hailing company Lyft Inc. has raised new capital that doubles its year-over-year valuation to $ 15.1 billion and gives more firepower as its larger rival Uber Technologies Inc. follows an initial public offering. $ 600 million primarily from existing investors, about six months after collecting $ 1.5 billion at a valuation of …

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