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Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos kept this one word over and over in their divorce statements, and the implications are truly remarkable

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announced the terms of their divorce by two posts on Twitter Thursday. One of the most conspicuous things is that both have used the same word over and over again. First, let's talk about the tone of the statements and about the fact that they reached this resolution very quickly, when they could have made a …

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Who is MacKenzie Bezos? – The New York Times

"I would say the biggest theme in this book is the idea that the things we worry about the most in life, the things we feel trapped with, the mistakes we made, the bad luck that we encounter, the accidents that happen to us, the paradoxes – in the end, these things are often the things we look back to …

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MacKenzie Bezos and the myth of the Lone Genius Founder

When the award-winning writer MacKenzie Bezos and her husband Jeff Bezos, chief executive and founder of Amazon, announced on Wednesday, they divorced the impact it might have on Jeff's business, and on the net value of each page. If he and his wife shared their estimated fortune of $ 136 billion, news articles speculated that MacKenzie could become the "richest …

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