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Kristen Stewart paints breathless madness

Jean Seberg is not a known name. She could have been one in the 60s and she could have been one forever if the FBI hadn’t sabotaged her life, let alone endangered her career. Seberg tells the story, very personable with Jean Seberg (Kristen Stewart). Kristen Stewart | Amazon Studios RELATED: Kristen Stewart admits that she had to knock while …

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Elon Musk SHOCK: SpaceX boss tweets "Nuke Mars" and triggers online madness | Science | news

Elon Musk, 48, knows unusual tweets and cryptic news, which he shares with his 27.8 million Twitter followers. But the South African billionaire surpassed himself today (16 August) when he apparently declared war on the planet Mars. In an enigmatic tweet in two words, the CEO of SpaceX called for attacking the Red Planet with nuclear weapons. The message from …

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The last magnetic pole shift experienced 22,000 years of madness

These facts are simple at first glance: the magnetic poles of our planet have traded places over the earth's history at a certain frequency. In earlier places, the compass needles pointed south instead of north. However, looking at the details of these transitions makes things much more complicated. What is it like, for example, when the bars tilt? And what …

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Vulnerability closes Universal Studios car park: "It's madness everywhere"

Reports of a man with a gun temporarily led to a large theme park evacuating its parking garages. According to reports, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, closed the affected areas after someone claimed to see an armed man on the property. Guests in the park used social media and said they were stuck in the park while the authorities were …

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In the midst of madness, Frank Vogel advocated some encouraging basketball philosophies that could help the Lakers

Frank Vogel got a damn good introduction to the role of head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers at his introductory press conference on Monday morning. Just hours ahead of the planned launch of Vogel, former Lakers The president of basketball organization Magic Johnson aired on live television and devastated the inside of the organization. He mainly pointed to General …

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