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The earth’s magnetic field is weakening, satellites and spacecraft are being hit: Space Agency

The Earth’s magnetic field between Africa and South America is weakening and causing problems for spacecraft and satellites, according to scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA). The researchers found that there is an anomaly in the South Atlantic that has increased in recent years. Data from the swarm constellation of the ESA satellites showed that the strength of the …

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The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field for unexplained reasons reveals the European Space Agency

technology 18:22 GMT May 23rd, 2020Get a short URL Earth has a moderately strong magnetic field generated by superheated liquid iron that forms the outer core of our planet. The magnetic field is vital because it protects the earth’s ozone layer from solar winds, cosmic rays and harmful ultraviolet radiation. The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, the European Space Agency …

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The earth’s magnetic field is weakening and is affecting satellites and spacecraft: report

The Earth’s magnetic field is gradually weakening in an area that stretches from Africa to South America, and scientists are trying to understand why. This weakening also causes technical malfunctions in some satellites orbiting the earth. Scientists are using data from the swarm constellation of the European Space Agency to improve our understanding of what is known as the “South …

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The magnetic north pole is moving fast due to some blobs

Photo credit: Peter Reid From the popular mechanics The magnetic north pole is simply no longer where it used to be. Since James Clark Ross first identified it on the Boothia Peninsula in Canada’s Nunavut Territory in 1831, scientists have carefully measured its location since then. But in recent years, Siberia has come closer and closer at a surprisingly fast …

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