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Cooking Mama has become a vegetarian

There is a new game Cooking Mama which is coming over the publisher Planet Digital Partners on the Nintendo Switch and announced as a reboot for the series and during the announcement The most interesting part was that there is now a new vegetarian mode in addition to normal recipes with meat. "New to Cooking Mama will be a vegetarian …

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Disney World Rant: Mama criticizes childless couples in the "happiest place in the world", insisting that it is only for children and parents

The parents said in a viral, expletively laced Facebook post that childless millennials have no place in Disney World and should be "banished" from the theme park. The Diatribe was triggered by parenting difficulties that her mother, as she said, experienced at Disney World when she was looking after a "moody" 3-year-old. While the Facebook user said the family resorts …

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Geno Doak, the friend of Mama June, crashes the car into the garage in a newly leaked video

Mama June Shannon and her friend Geno Doak make headlines again after TMZ released a video of Doak stumbling into Shannon's driveway after apparently crashing into his garage in his SUV Doak raced the Down the street before turning into the driveway and slamming into the closed garage door. He then allegedly started honking the car's horn so Shannon would …

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Mugshot of & # 39; Mama June & # 39; released after drug arrest

"Mama June" and Eugene Doak were arrested on Wednesday in Alabama for drug abuse. (Macon County Sheriff's Office) The arrest of "Mama June" – a reality star who became famous with TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" went like any other, by the sheriff Office in Macon County was carried out to a halt In Alabama, the sheriff said Tuesday. …

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Mama June arrested for crack cocaine in Manic State

Mama June arrested for crack cocaine … Manic Conversation 16.03.2014 01:00 PDT EXCLUSIVE Mama June Drug arrest was more serious than we knew, because the police said the white powder they found was crack cocaine, and it was also with a needle and a whistle been caught. 19659007] TMZ broke the story … Mama June and her boyfriend, Geno Doak …

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