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An Illinois man was arrested after grabbing a reporter while on the air, police say

An Illinois man who the police said had grabbed a television reporter while on the air Saturday night was faced with a battery and charged with disorderly behavior. Eric Farina.Shorewood Police Department Eric Farina, 20, grabbed a WGN reporter around her shoulders and “uttered a profane and disturbing statement” at 10 p.m. Broadcast, the police said in a statement. Gaynor …

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“George Floyd’s life was important”: Biden condemns the death of a black man in police custody in Minneapolis

Police said Floyd followed the description of a suspect in a grocery counterfeit case and opposed the arrest, according to the Associated Press. Biden compared the circumstances of Floyd’s arrest on Wednesday to the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who was strangled by the New York police in 2014, and whose last request – “I can’t breathe” …

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The FBI is investigating the death of a black man in Minneapolis after a video shows a policeman kneeling on the back of his neck

Now the FBI and state authorities are investigating his death, while lawyers and city officials are demanding a quick response. “Our community is traumatized again and again,” Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Councilor, said in a statement to KARE. “We have to ask for answers.” The incident started when two officers arrived at 3700 block on Chicago Avenue South at around …

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Savior or strong man? El Salvador’s millennial president defies Congress and the courts on Covid 19 policies

Some Salvadorans praise him for taking decisive action that could have saved his small Central American nation from the worst effects of the corona virus. Others say he will become a strong man who violates the constitution of his own country, most recently when he talks to the Supreme Court and the National Assembly about how soon El Salvador will …

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UPDATE: Police ID man suspected of shooting door-to-door salesman while trying to steal his iPad and wallet

TO UPDATE: The man, who is suspected of shooting a door-to-door seller on Wednesday afternoon, was identified by the police as 21-year-old Luis Guerrero. Guerrero is accused of shooting the seller near the intersection of NW 35th Street and Barnes after allegedly trying to steal his iPad and wallet. The seller was taken to a hospital. No information was given …

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Jennifer Lopez’s workout selfie with the “masked” man in the background made the fans frenzy – statement revealed

Jennifer Lopez has recently frenzied social media, as she often does when she shares a photo of herself during an intense workout – but this particular photo really threw fans into a loop. Lopez released the muggy mirror selfie on Friday, and eagle eyes noticed that something was wrong in the background of her picture, showing that the 50-year-old superstar …

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