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The researchers map tiny turns in graphs with a magic angle

In this figure, two graphene layers are stacked at a slightly offset “magic” angle that can either become an insulator or a superconductor. “We put one graphene foil on top of another, similar to plastic foil on plastic foil,” says MIT professor Pablo Jarillo-Herrero. “One would expect wrinkles and regions where the two sheets would be slightly twisted, some less …

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New Warzone map leaked in Modern Warfare Season 4 video

A new CoD: Warzone map has been released as a teaser video for Modern Warfare Season 4. The alleged map is called “Urzikstan” and is somehow related to the current map of the game, Verdansk. Judging from the leaked video, the place seems to be in the immediate vicinity of Verdansk, as the clip begins with a shot of the …

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Incredible map of Pangea with modern borders

Click here to view the high resolution version of this infographic. In just a few decades, it is possible that some of the best known companies are no longer known names. The longevity of a company or the average lifespan of a company has dropped dramatically. In the 1960s, a typical S&P 500 company should have a lifespan of more …

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First comprehensive geological map of the lunar space

-> The animation above shows a rotating globe of the new unified geological map of the moon with shaded topography from NASA’s LOLA mission to the moon (LOLA stands for Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter). You can download the new moon map directly from the website: https://astrogeology.usgs.gov/search/map/Moon/Geology/Unified_Geologic_Map_of_the_Moon_GIS. [NOTE ADDED APRIL 29: This USGS website, where you can download the map, was …

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The South Korean office had a coronavirus outbreak – see seating map

In South Korea, a combination of mass testing, digital monitoring, and contact tracking has largely reduced the spread of the coronavirus. When a call center in Seoul broke out last month, nearly half of the employees on one floor were infected. A center seat map shows how dense offices can serve as breeding grounds for transmission, increasing the need for …

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