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Google Maps Street View: The rude gesture of the rebel in front of the camera | Travel news | travel

Google Maps Street View is nifty online software that enables users to search the globe at street level. However, increasingly, users find less expected things along the way. However, it is not the direction of their gaze that indicates their aversion to the Google Street View camera. Instead, it’s the indecent gesture she makes on the camera lens. The woman …

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New algorithm sharpens the focus of the world’s most powerful microscopes – improves cryo EM 3D molecular structure maps

A composite image of the enzyme lactase shows how the resolution of cryo-EM has improved dramatically in recent years. Older pictures on the left, newer ones on the right. Photo credit: Veronica Falconieri / National Cancer Institute Scientists are developing a technique that will improve the resolution of cryo-electron microscopy. We all saw that moment on a cop tv show …

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Google Maps gets a special user interface for car mode

Google already has an in-car navigation interface in the form of Android Auto, as well as a future replacement in the form of the assistant for driving mode. However, a very similar concept appears to be implemented in Google Maps. The map navigation already showed controls for music playback, but never the Android-style buttons and the home screen. The interface …

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United is adding Google-powered maps to help travelers find flights for the coronavirus era

United Airlines is using interactive maps powered by Google to help travelers in need of travel find destinations that fit the coronavirus era. The map, released Wednesday on the United website, allows travelers to enter the best of what they want to spend on a ticket and filter airports based on their activities or descriptions: beaches, beer and breweries, culture, …

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Google Maps adds an overlay of COVID-19 case trends

Google Maps will soon have information about COVID-19 which is prevalent in states, counties, and some cities. If you switch to the “COVID” level in the app, the average number of confirmed cases within seven days is displayed in each area per 100,000 people. Areas of the map are color-coded based on the rate of fall, and a label indicates …

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The Google Maps Covid-19 level shows coronavirus outbreaks in your area

Google Maps Covid-19 overlay Google Google announced a new feature in Google Maps on Wednesday that will show you how many Covid-19 cases there are in certain geographic regions. It draws on information from Johns Hopkins, the New York Times, and Wikipedia and displays a color-coded map showing the 7-day average of new cases per 100,000 people in a given …

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