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Marvel knew all along that Captain Marvel’s role was meant for Brie Larson, fans speculate

In 2019 Captain Marvel was the first solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to feature a female lead. Brie Larson was cast to play the legendary superhero Captain Marvel. While she didn’t star in the first female superhero film, Larson may have changed the future superhero roles of women. Larson has been controversial since joining the MCU, but many …

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Microsoft Surface Duo Demolition: An Engineering Marvel that Needs Repair

I don’t think anyone expected an impressively thin device with two displays to be more repairable than smartphones with one screen and iFixit ‘s Microsoft’s demolition of the new Surface Duo confirms that it is. The takeaway is that while the displays and the rear window can be swapped out without also stressful of replacing everything else will be a …

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Why Jarvis is one of the few Marvel TV characters in the MCU

The characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are known to have had cameos in each other’s films. But while the movie version of the Marvel Universe conveniently shares characters, there has been no transition from the TV version. Although Marvel television references the films, the films usually ignore what is going on in the television version of events. But in …

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Disney’s live-action Mulan copies Star Wars and Marvel in the worst possible way

Yifei Liu, who plays Mulan, doesn’t get as much character development in the new Disney Plus movie. Disney With its new version of Mulan, Disney got the chance to breathe life into the legendary warrior – a fixture in centuries-old Chinese storytelling – with a grainy retelling and a beautiful cast. So it’s ironic that the animated version, which debuted …

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Mrs. Marvel shines in Marvel’s Avengers; Pity the rest

image:: Square enix We can’t imagine it’s intentional, but Square Enix’s new blockbuster action RPG Marvel’s Avenger has a lot in common with its main villain, the mastermind of Advanced Idea Mechanics, George Tarleton. (Marvel nerds will know him better as the big-headed science villain MODOK, although tragically the game never manages to incorporate the acronym “Mental Organism Designed Only …

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Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 4 Marvel Movie and Battle Pass Trailer

Fourteen daysThe new season is finally here and after a week of comic book prequel teasers we finally have confirmation that Season 4 is about bringing the Marvel Universe to the internet Fourteen days Island, thanks to the first trailer of the season. The trailer dropped at 2 a.m. on Thursday, the same time the game began servicing the first …

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