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According to a study, 10,000 scientists discovered mastodon species recently discovered by scientists

It has been reported that a new mastodon species – a relative of the mammoth – has been discovered by scientists. The researchers announced the discovery of the mammoth pacificus in an article published on Wednesday in PeerJ. Earlier there was one of the major species of mastodon in North America, known as the mammoth American. This new species, however, …

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The Pacific Mastodon – Press Enterprise

When paleontologists realized that American Mastodon teeth found during the excavation of Diamond Valley Lake near Hemet were smaller than others in the country, they could not explain it. You have your answer now. These teeth actually belonged to Pacific Mastodon, a new mastodon species that was announced Wednesday, March 27, at the Western Science Center in Hemet. "Finding a …

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Mastodon Skeleton Reassembly is running – Post-Tribune

Remains of a mastodon that died thousands of years ago are being reassembled at the University of Michigan. The skeleton of the 11,000-year-old female Owosso mastodon was disassembled this spring after it had been in the nature of the Ann Arbor School's History Museum since 1947. Crews began their bones this week in the new Biological Sciences building next to …

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French peasant four years hidden skull mythical mastodon

The man found the remains of Representative Robotnik more than 1.5 million years ago, still extinct in 2014, but not told about the discovery, not to communicate with journalists or scholars. The publication Science Alert reported that the Museum of Natural History of Toulouse had the skull of the Iberian Mastodont. Previously, the scientists were able to discover only the …

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