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In a meeting with Pelosi, Mnuchin presented a counter offer to the COVID aid law

Washington – Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin met with spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi Wednesday afternoon to unveil the Trump administration’s proposal to relieve the coronavirus, according to a Democratic adviser, after House Democrats unveiled their own revamped $ 2.2 trillion package earlier this week . Mnuchin and Pelosi met for about an hour and a half, and then Mnuchin went to the …

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Wild animals quickly lose fear of predators after meeting people

Many wild animals quickly lose their fear of predators after meeting humans. Most wildlife display a range of predator avoidance behaviors such as vigilance, freezing, and flight. However, these are quickly reduced after the animals come into contact with humans through captivity, domestication, or urbanization. This emerges from a study published by Benjamin Geffroy of MARBEC (Institute for Marine Biodiversity, …

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World in disorder: Angry exchange at the top UN meeting on COVID-19 | China

The United States, China and Russia fought fiercely on Thursday during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the coronavirus pandemic when United Nations chief Antonio Guterres told the agency they had failed in treating COVID-19 . Guterres blamed “a lack of global readiness, cooperation, unity and solidarity” for the runaway coronavirus, killing nearly one million worldwide. More …

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Tesla (TSLA) Battery Day and 2020 Shareholder Meeting News Hub

Tesla (TSLA) is holding its Battery Day and 2020 Annual General Meeting today, and we will post all the major news from the event on this Electrek News Hub. The event – or both, depending on how you view them – will be held at Tesla’s 901 Page Avenue facility in Fremont, California. It’s supposed to start at 1:30 p.m. …

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Nikola rises 15% from intraday lows as JPMorgan analyst defends the company after the CFO meeting

REUTERS / Massimo Pinca Nikola returned from intraday lows, gaining up to 15% on Wednesday after JPMorgan defended the company after speaking with Nikola management. “The overall message was reassuring: no loss of momentum from existing partners, prospects, suppliers and employees,” said Paul Coster, analyst at JPMorgan, in a note on Wednesday. Nikola held a ping-pong campaign last week after …

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Five Things to Consider When Meeting the Federal Reserve

The Federal Open Market Committee will meet for the last time before the US presidential election on Wednesday – and for the first time since it launched a new currency strategy that tolerates higher inflation and is more committed to promoting full employment. The U.S. economy is still grappling with the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic, and with less financial …

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