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Mobile app to provide the latest on black hole collisions and merging neutron stars

Credit: University of Birmingham              PhD students from the Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy have published their new wave of gravitational wave events in near real time.                                                 Chirp, designed for use on mobile phones, displays the latest alerts from Lasers Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory / Virgo about a possible new gravitational wave. For each new and previous alert, the signal …

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The earliest example of merging galaxies ever found

Galaxy fusions are not particularly rare, but they are important events. Not only for the galaxies involved, but also for scientists who try to summarize the formation of galaxies. Now astronomers using ALMA have found the earliest example of galactic fusion so far. The pair of merging galaxies in question is B14-65666, a cumbersome but scientifically useful name. (At the …

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Here's what Nissan thinks about merging with Dodge

But that's not all, as the French government is another important reason for the merger. To ensure that the consolidation resulting from the merger does not burden workers in France, the French Government, the largest single shareholder of Renault, requires a seat on the new company's board of directors to ensure this. French President Emmanuel Macron is particularly sensitive to …

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Merging neutron stars provides insight into the fundamental properties of matter

Simulation of fusing neutron stars, calculated with supercomputers. Different colors show the mass density and the temperature some time after the fusion and just before the object collapses into a black hole. Quarks are expected to form where temperature and density are higher. The option to measure the gravitational waves of two merging neutron stars offered the opportunity to answer …

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Sprint and T-Mobile are said to be close to merging to lead the pack

Regulatory hurdles and disputes over control over a united organization halted earlier merger discussions. The current negotiations between Sprint and T-Mobile are not complete, explained the people informed on this subject, who spoke on condition of anonymity, because the business was confidential. The timing could change, or the talks might break apart, they warned. A merger would fulfill a long-frustrated …

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Tim Cook merging macOS and iOS: "I do not think users want that"

Enlarge / Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., speaks on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 during an event at Lane Technical College Prep High School in Chicago. In an interview published in The Sydney Morning Herald today, Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that Apple is not working towards finally running the same operating system on Macs and mobile devices like the …

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