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How an isolated group of Mormons became involved in Mexico's cartel wars

Amidst the scrubby foothills of the Sierra Madre in Sonora, they raised pomegranates and pistachios, raised large families, and preached a fundamentalist Mormon belief. Also, the small community of La Mora used a troubled peace for years with the mafia gangs that dominate this part of northern Mexico: identify themselves at antitrust checkpoints and avoid the lonesome dirt roads of …

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Mexico's president Andrés Manuel López Obrador is upending the country

Fast forward almost 26 months and has seemed to have been replaced by compliance. The Mexican president, who took office December 1, just folded when the Trump administration threatened to impose escalating tariffs. López Obrador did have a "nuclear option," says Sergio Negrete, an economics professor at ITESO, a college in the city of Guadalajara specialized in technology and economics. …

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Carlos Urzua, Mexico's finance minister, resigns abruptly

MEXICO CITY – Mexico's finance minister abruptly resigned on Tuesday, accusing the left-leaning government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of making decisions that were not based on evidence, and appointing officials who had no idea about economics , The resignation of Carlos Urzúa was one of the biggest blows to the seven-month-old government. López Obrador has tried to court …

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Mexico's federal police rebels against new security plan

MEXICO CITY – Mexican federal police protest against the government's decision to include them in the country's new National Guard. This is a big challenge for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as he tries to combat the growing crime. Earlier this year In light of the record-breaking murder rates, López Obrador announced he would merge the navy, army and federal …

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Trump's crackdown on Mexico's southern border scares migrants from passing

NENTÓN, Guatemala – The Aguilar family has been preparing for immigration north since February. They borrowed $ 2,600, made a down payment to a smuggler, and left their house in northern Guatemala last week. But on Guatemala's border with Mexico, her smuggler had some bad news: Entering Mexico was too risky. An agreement between the Mexican authorities and the United …

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Trump unveils Mexico's migrant plan by whirling documents around

Image Rights Reuters Caption President Trump brandished a sheet of paper detailing the agreement US President Donald Trump unintentionally revealed some details of his immigration deal with Mexico. In a conversation with reporters, he declined to give details of the plans to curb migration proper time. " However, he said this while floating on a single sheet of paper on …

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