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Canon announces the EOS R5, an 8K mirrorless camera

Canon has announced the EOS R5, the most mirrorless high-end camera ever made. After Canon’s solid entry into the mirrorless full-screen mode with the EOS R from 2018 and the cheaper EOS RP from last year, the R5 is a serious flagship for professionals with a corresponding price. At $ 3,899 without a lens, this is Canon’s second most expensive …

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Fujifilm publishes app to turn mirrorless cameras into webcams

Fujifilm has released new software that allows you to use certain X-series and GFX-series mirrorless cameras as high-quality webcams. The app is called Fujifilm X Webcam and works via USB. So you benefit from much sharper lenses and larger image sensors than the potato camera of your laptop. You can even use Fujifilm’s well-known film simulation modes. The COVID-19 pandemic …

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Astro-focused EOS Ra could Canon's next mirrorless camera

When EOS Ra appeared on Canon's UK site in September, it piqued the photography world's interest. According to the leaflet – which has since been taken down – EOS Ra is a version of the EOS R designed for astrophotography. Since then, though, we've barely heard anything about the EOS Ra, but reliable camera rumors site Nokishita has tweeted that …

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Nikon introduces the Nikkor Z mirrorless lens with 24 mm 1: 1.8 S.

Nikon has introduced the Nikkor Z 24 mm 1: 1.8 S, a fast wide-angle main objective for its mirrorless full-frame cameras. "Optimized for capturing cityscapes and environmental portraits, the 24mm 1: 1.8 S is designed to take advantage of Nikon's large Z-mount and deliver the ultimate combination of fast, bright, and sharp performance to achieve almost all lighting conditions. " …

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The 108 megapixel mobile phone sensor from Samsung comes very close to mirrorless cameras

Even at this size, a 108 megapixel sensor has ridiculously small pixels. By default, Samsung's Tetracell technology captures the light of four pixels and converts it to a 27-megapixel sensor. You can still take 108 megapixel photos if you so desire. However, this probably requires brightly lit recording situations. Samsung's Smart ISO mechanism automatically selects lower ISO values ​​in brighter …

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