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Inserting a Modular PC into a Monitor Stand

All-in-one desktop PCs offer a number of advantages over ordinary desktop computers in terms of size, style, lack of cable clutter, and more. Their main drawbacks are the tight integration that comes with an AIO, especially the need to embed a system completely behind a monitor or in the base of a monitor, which makes AIO PCs the name. However, …

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Jeff Bezos & # 39; lunar lander is a modular multi-purpose landing system

Two well-known, crazy, wealthy people are currently building missiles, and while Elon Musk and SpaceX are attracting the most attention – especially because they do real things in space – Jeff Bezos and his firm Blue Origin have some interesting launchers and other space hardware, including a new lunar landing system that was unveiled yesterday. The lander is called Blue …

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River Bank Battery Review: modular, powerful and full of connectors

In the chrome and colorful world of consumer electronics, there is nothing tresperer than a portable battery. These are thick plates of lithium-ion cells that we do not wear because we want, but because we have to. What if I told you there's a long-lasting battery that has as much gadget appeal as Google's condemned Project Ara? Learn the modular …

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Modular Inflatable Composites for Huge Space Telescopes – NextBigFuture.com

There is a growing need to build telescopes and structures for the observation of exoplanets, main-belt asteroids, and NEOs. Space observation capabilities can be significantly enhanced by large aperture structures. Structures that span several meters could potentially revolutionize observation technologies. These include star apertures for imaging distant objects such as exoplanets and high-resolution, high-aperture telescopes. In addition to size, such …

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