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Starlink satellite production now 120 per month

A stack of Starlink internet satellites about to take off. SpaceX According to analysts, SpaceX is manufacturing its Starlink satellites at an unprecedented price for the space industry as the company is deeply involved in building a space-based global Internet service. Elon Musk’s company announced in a presentation to the Federal Communications Commission last month that its Starlink unit “is …

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The Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate will stream the Project xCloud game on September 15 for $ 14.99 a month

The nascent era of cloud gaming begins on September 15 when Microsoft (MSFT) officially launches its new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service with the technology giant’s Project xCloud cloud gaming platform. The combined service, which will be available for $ 14.99 a month, offers gamers the opportunity to play the Microsoft library with more than 100 Game Pass titles on …

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Portland has the deadliest month in 30 years: report

At least 15 people were killed in Portland in July. According to the authorities, this was the highest number of fatal shootings or stab wounds in a single month since the 1980s. Police chief Chuck Lovell commented on last month’s violence, which ended Friday after a 150-round shootout on a residential building in the city. So far, 24 people have …

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HBO Max reached 4.1 million subscribers in the first month, although there was no distribution on Roku and Fire TV – TechCrunch

HBO Max, AT & T’s own streaming service that combines HBO with WarnerMedia content, has 4.1 million subscribers who have activated their Max accounts since its launch on May 27. Together, HBO and HBO Max reached a total of 36.3 million US subscribers at the end of the second quarter, said John Stankey, CEO of AT&T, on today’s earnings call. …

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The monastery outside of Detroit loses 13 nuns to Covid-19, 12 in one month

They were all members of the Felician Sisters Monastery in Livonia outside of Detroit, aged 69 to 99. Executive Director for Mission Promotion, Suzanne English, confirmed this to CNN on Tuesday. A 13th sister initially survived the virus, but died in June. The sisters have been members of the monastery for many years and, according to their death notices provided …

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