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Saturn's ravioli-shaped "ring moons" could have formed out of a huge impact

Saturn's Ring Moon Atlas. Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute During the last days of the legendary Cassini mission, NASA made a series of orbits around Saturn, capturing unprecedented images of the enigmatic ring of gas giant Monde These photos and other data has now been analyzed by astronomers and shed new light on these elusive objects and …

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The earth is orbited by two shaky "dust moons", say scientists – BGR

In a new article published in Monthly Announcements by the Royal Astronomical Society scientists explain that they have confirmed the presence of two clouds of dust orbiting Earth at the same distance as our Moon. The discovery is a confirmation of the work, which went back decades to the early 1960s, when the clouds were first discovered. The presence of …

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Sign of the weird Earth, elusive "Dust Moons" finally discovered

scientists have found strange "dust moons" around the earth that track our planet from afar. In this picture the central area of ​​the Kordylewski dust cloud is visible (bright red pixels). The straight inclined lines are traces of satellites. The white L5 point is the Lagrange point of the Earth and the Moon L5. Photo credits: J. Slíz-Balogh Dust clouds, …

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Larger moons have moons, and some call them "moon moons"

Have you ever looked into the night sky, looked at the moon and asked yourself if he could have his own moon? While you probably have not, a curious four-year-old returned in 2015, and on Tuesday his astronomer mother and one of her colleagues published a paper that essentially said: Yes, a moon can have its own moon. The Carnegie …

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