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Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett Tour continued until 2021

Motley Crue’s long-awaited stadium tour with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett has been postponed to 2021. In a combined statement, the bands said, “We wanted to continue communicating with our fans and to update you with valid information as it becomes available. The official decision has been made to postpone all North American Stadium Tour 2020 dates until the …

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3 Dividend Aristocrats to Buy and Hold Forever – The Motley Fool

There are thousands of publicly traded companies, but the stock market is anchored by large, established businesses. They can anchor your portfolio, too. Many of these jobs have reliable sources of revenue and do not exert control over the factors within reach. That allows them to return value to shareholders through short-term stock buybacks or long-term dividend streams. We recently …

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3 hidden costs that could sabotage your retirement – The Motley Fool

As you prepare for retirement, you'll have to settle dozens of expenses. How much will you spend on hobbies and other activities? What about traveling? How will your daily living costs change? Approximately three-quarters of prospective retirees expect their National Retirement Institute's cost of living to either decline or remain the same, according to a survey by the Nationwide Retirement …

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Do not rely on Medicare to cover these 4 things – The Motley Fool

Most retirees rely on Medicare once they reach the age of 65 to cover their healthcare costs. The government-sponsored program provides coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization, lab tests, prescription drugs and more. However, some people are unaware that Medicare covers only a few healthcare costs, and there are some expenses that it does not cover at all. If you are …

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5 Top IPO Stocks You Can Buy Now – The Motley Fool

When a company goes public – or an IPO – it's the first time that ordinary investors have the chance to buy a tiny piece of the company. As I explain below, investing in IPOs is not for everyone. Newly listed companies may often be dizzying or down to dizzying levels during the first few months of the market. Take …

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