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Gingrich: Washington Post's latest report on Müller wanted to "maximize embarrassment"

Former European Parliament President Newt Gingrich said Tuesday the Washington Post report said Special Adviser Robert Mueller had turned to Attorney General William Barr and let him know that his summary "did not address the context, nature and content "The investigation in Russia was leaked by someone who wanted to" maximize embarrassment "before the Wednesday hearings. "The" deep state "and …

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Müller report: Has the election in Russia caused a strategic failure?

On the night of Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, Russian President Vladimir Putin must have felt victorious. Members of the Russian Duma reportedly applauded when Trump's election was confirmed and Putin saw champagne slurp. In a speech in the Kremlin, he announced: "Russia is ready and wants to fully expand relations with the US." In the middle of the …

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Müller report: Kushner rewrites the history of Russian interference

Jared Kushner, adviser to the White House, has heard that Russia's intervention in the 2016 presidential election was no more than a few ads on Facebook. As another Trump government official said, President Donald Trump has repeatedly condemned this. But none of these claims are true. In his first public commentary since the Mueller report was released last Thursday, Kushner …

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Joni Ernst says she does not think it necessary for Müller to testify

Ernst, who is scheduled for re-election in 2020, told CNN that she expected the GOP-led committee to focus on ratifying federal judges, not the details of the special envoy Trump had not charged with for committing a crime investigated eleven episodes in which he tried to stop the investigation in Russia. While saying that there is a "potential" for hearings, …

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John Oliver goes a long way to the Müller report

The HBO talk show host spent half the episode "Last Week Tonight" on Sunday evening explaining the results of the Mueller report. Oliver's discussion was the latest in what the series called "Stupid Watergate." Basically, Watergate, but if Nixon had been kicked in the head by a goat and also if that goat had been the White House Chief of …

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