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Scientists make a lifelike robotic fish from multipurpose blood

While typical robots carry bulky single-purpose parts to deliver energy, such as: As a battery or gears, the newly developed lionfish has a unique circulatory system that provides both energy and propulsion. The "blood" that is pumped around the system includes an electrolyte solution that acts both as a hydraulic fluid and as an energy store. The result? A more …

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Jeff Bezos & # 39; lunar lander is a modular multi-purpose landing system

Two well-known, crazy, wealthy people are currently building missiles, and while Elon Musk and SpaceX are attracting the most attention – especially because they do real things in space – Jeff Bezos and his firm Blue Origin have some interesting launchers and other space hardware, including a new lunar landing system that was unveiled yesterday. The lander is called Blue …

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