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Nazca Lines: Archaeologists discover a 2000 year old cat figure in Peru

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN According to the country’s Ministry of Culture, a giant cat figure was discovered in southern Peru, carved into a dry hill over 2,000 years ago. The ancient geoglyph, 37 meters in diameter, is part of the Nazca Lines, a collection of hundreds of mysterious works of art etched onto a plateau 250 miles south of …

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New Nazca line finds found among oldest stone lines

birds. Be crazy. Monkeys. Mysterious men. These are some of the recognizable forms that are scattered in the desert of southern Peru at a distance of kilometers of stone. The full extent of this archaeological miracle was only perceived when they were seen from the air century RELATED: "Alien" mummies are plundered, manipulated Nazca bodies They still inspire and intrigue. …

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