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Ninja's first book is not literature – it's a brand extension

While I was leafing through ninja's first book – with its few words between glossy advertising photos and charts – I had the distinct feeling of consuming something from the future. The book Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming is itself gamified. For example, near the page numbers that are similar to most online videos, you will see a …

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If you're reading this, Ninja's Get Good Book is probably not for you

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has taken big steps lately. First, there was the controversial change from Twitch to Mixer, in which Blevins will now stream exclusively. Blevins also has a collectible toy line in the works. And later this year, the blue-haired Fortnite star also publishes three things in print. One is a graphic novel; another is a notebook with ninja …

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Ninja's first mixer host almost brings small streamer to tears

Popular Fortnite star Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins has already positively impacted the community since his move to Mixer. Ninja's move away from the popular streaming site Twitch was initially met with However, Blevins quickly proved it would be wrong by amassing over 1 million subscribers on August 6 (although it should be noted that Mixer Ninja / mixer. Ninja's mixer for …

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