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The driver, who was waiting in a long line at McDonald’s, confiscated the car when the police noticed something unusual

Hopefully this guy is ok to eat in the parking lot. While fast-food chains and restaurants are reopening around the world, reports of massive queues at Drive-Thrus continue to appear. Unfortunately for a driver while waiting on one of these lines, the authorities noticed something unusual about his car. Authorities in Cirencester, England, confiscated the silver vehicle while waiting in …

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On Halloween, an asteroid passed between earth and telecommunications satellites, and almost nobody noticed it – RT World News

An asteroid known as C0PPEV1 just came closer to us than any known Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) on the NASA radar and passed Earth at an altitude of only 3,852 miles. It was sighted only in the early morning hours of Thursday. C0PPEV1 was first discovered by the Arizona-based Catalina Sky Survey before it was picked up by several other observatories. …

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Keanu Reeves "No Hands": People have noticed that Keanu Reeves does not touch women on photos

Keanu Reeves has earned the reputation of a "good". Now people are realizing that the friendliness of the 54-year-old goes beyond his arbitrary friendliness – he also shows respect for women by keeping his hands on photos of them. Stories about Reeve's selfless deeds have been circulating online for years. He once helped a whole bus full of stranded people. …

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