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Tesla (TSLA) delivered a record number of electric cars in the third quarter: 139,300 vehicles

Tesla (TSLA) has released its delivery and production results for the third quarter, confirming that it has delivered a record number of electric cars. Expectations were omnipresent this quarter. Just a few weeks ago, Tesla analysts’ Wall Street consensus was a little over 120,000 deliveries, but expectations rose to around 140,000 deliveries in the final week of the quarter. Today …

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With the rise in COVID-19, the number of students withdrawing from CU Boulder doubles

Nearly 570 students have withdrawn from the University of Colorado Boulder since the fall semester began – twice as many as last year – amid growing COVID-19 cases, a rapidly changing learning environment, and quarantine regulations. Between August 24 and Thursday, 392 graduate students and 177 freshmen withdrew from Boulder CU. During the same period of 2019, 172 postgraduate students …

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It’s not just you, a number of Google services have had problems

If you’re having trouble loading Gmail or a YouTube video tonight, you are not alone. A whole ton of Google services had problems. Google Drive, Hangouts, Stadia, the Play Store, and even Nest have all been affected, although reports indicate the problem is slowly being resolved. The Play Store and many other services were completely inaccessible during the outage. Some …

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Here’s what happens when you text Obama on the phone number he shared

It was a number – a phone number to be precise – with a simple message from the former president: Write to me. Before we get into what happens when you do it, let’s talk about why he did that. Election day is approaching and early voting is already underway in various states in the country. With a record number …

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Germany has limited the number of coronavirus deaths, but has been criticized

Doctors in Berlin. Sean Gallup | Getty Images News | Getty Images Germany has been lauded for its fight against the coronavirus pandemic, having so far managed to keep deaths below 10,000, while European neighbors were killed much more frequently. However, the CEO of the German health group Fresenius has warned that the country may have focused too much on …

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India coronavirus: As the daily number of cases increases, the country is pushing ahead with reopening

The country of 1.3 billion has reported more than 75,000 infections for five consecutive days – the fastest growing number of cases in any country in the world. Last Wednesday, 85,687 new Covid-19 infections were registered, the world’s highest one-day increase since the pandemic began, surpassing the previous record of 77,255 cases set by the US on July 16. India’s …

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