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Objective reality does not exist, quantum experiment shows

Alternative facts are spreading like a virus in society. Now they even seem to have infected science – at least the quantum area. This may seem counterintuitive. Finally, the scientific method is based on the reliable terms observation, measurement and repeatability. A fact determined by a measurement should be objective for all observers to agree with. However, in an article …

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Petzval presents its first objective for mirrorless full-frame cameras

It also has an aperture with eight wings and two controls that allow you to replace the plates with heart-, star- and snowflake-shaped ones. This is a pretty tricky feature, but could be a hit for wedding photographers or baby photographers. Lomography Sets Petzval Lens to Video Shooter for the First Time Focus marks and change the iris continuously (brass …

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New quantum physics experiment suggests that reality is not objective

A new quantum physics experiment provided only one startling idea, which according to the MIT Technology Review was limited to the theory – that under the right conditions two persons could observe the same event, see two different things happen and both are correct. According to research published on Tuesday before the preprint server arXiv, physicists at Heriot Watt University …

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