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The bag that Buzz Aldrin uses to carry religious objects to the surface of the moon

The bag that Buzz Aldrin uses to transport religious items to the moon during the historic Apollo 11 mission will be auctioned. The Personal Preference Kit contained Aldrin’s personal belongings, including objects that, according to the R.R. Auction used for a lunar communion. The fabric bag has a pre-sale estimate of $ 250,000. MOON LANDING: BUZZ ALDRIN HAS TAKEN THE …

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Make social distance better, the White House doctor tells the Americans. Trump objects

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House Task Force for Coronavirus, had a message for Americans on Thursday: Better social distance. President Donald Trump didn’t like the message. FILE PHOTO: The White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, speaks during a press conference in the rose garden of the White House in Washington, the United …

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Comets and interstellar objects could export Earth's life to the Milky Way

For over a century, proponents of panspermia have argued that comets, asteroids, spaceborne dust, and planetoids are spreading life in our galaxy. However, in recent years, scientists have argued that this type of distribution can go beyond star systems and be intergalactic. Some have even proposed fascinating new mechanisms for how this distribution could take place. For example, it is …

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The physicist suggests that orbiting objects are stakes for Mars probes to observe the Earth

Discovery of pulsars The British astronomer Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell was the first person to discover a pulsar in 1967 when she discovered a radio pulsar. Since then other types of pulsars emitting X-rays and gamma rays have also been discovered. Pulsars are essentially rotating, highly magnified neutron stars, but when discovered for the first time, they were thought to …

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Near-Earth objects could be used by extraterrestrials 'to watch our world,' stunning study suggests

Although Earth only has one moon, it does have other natural satellites, including asteroid 2016 HO3, known as a "co-orbital object." These tiny celestial objects could be related to "attractive location for extraterrestrial intelligence." The research suggests that this space rocks could be grounds for an advanced civilization, given their small size and close proximity to the planet "These Near-Earth …

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