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Hubble observations show 10 times more dark matter than expected

This website can earn affiliate commissions through the links on this page. Terms of Use. Nobody who even remotely understands science would claim that we have a “good” understanding of dark matter. Even the name suggests how little we know about it. However, new analysis using the aging Hubble Space Telescope suggests that we know even less than we thought. …

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Hubble telescope observations highlight the craziness of dark matter

Scientists have recognized that once again when it comes to this Dark matterYou’re missing a piece or two of the puzzle. Dark matter makes up more than a quarter of the universe, scientists have recognized, but they haven’t yet learned how to see it directly. (The weird stuff doesn’t emit, absorb, or reflect light, hence the name.) So they’re turning …

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Observations suggest a missing ingredient in the cosmic recipe

This Hubble space telescope shows the massive galaxy cluster MACS J1206. Embedded in the cluster are the distorted images of distant background galaxies, seen as arcs and smeared features. These distortions are caused by the amount of dark matter in the cluster, the gravity of which bends and magnifies the light of distant galaxies. This effect, known as gravitational lenses, …

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Observations from the last dress rehearsal of the preseason

2. A message for the fans Before the Browns went through their mock game, Stefanski grabbed a microphone and spoke to the few hundred friends and family who were watching from the stands in socially distant groups. He expressed how much the team missed the fans and promised that this year’s Browns was all about “work”. “This team that you …

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Observations that were most important for Syracuse basketball versus Colgate

Syracuse, NY – The Syracuse basketball team has defeated Colgate, 70-54, in the Carrier Dome on Wednesday against a Colgate team that's not particularly geared for tall, athletic boys. (The Orange had an advantage of 34-8 points in the finish.) After ignoring Bourama Sidibe a couple of times in the first few minutes, SU players looked for him, gave him …

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