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DeWine, governor of Ohio, tests COVID-19 hours after testing positive for COVID

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine tested negative for COVID-19 on Thursday hours after testing positive before being told to greet President Trump at Cleveland Airport, according to a statement from the governor’s office. Instead of meeting with Trump, DeWine returned to Columbus and was finally tested a second time for corona virus. The second test was a PCR test that was …

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The Ohio governor says 91 people got coronavirus after an infected man went to church

“It spread like wildfire, wildfire. Very, very scary,” Governor MIke De Wine said Tuesday. “We know that our faith-based leaders want nothing more than to protect those who come to worship.” To illustrate how an infected person can spread the virus, state health officials released a color graphic that shows how the cases were transferred to some who weren’t even …

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Dave Chappelle hangs with David Letterman in his hometown in Ohio

Here is Dave Chappelle hang out with David Letterman in Chappelle’s hometown for a new episode of Letterman’s show … and possibly for one of Dave’s socially distant comedy shows. The two comedy giants laughed and drank on Wednesday in Yellow Springs, Ohio, on a bench in front of Dark Star Books and Comics. You don’t see that every day. …

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Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio has extensive rules for coronavirus masks

Indiana, Minnesota and Ohio are the youngest states to issue nationwide mask rules on Wednesday after the number of coronavirus cases increased across the country. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced that starting Monday, everyone over eight years of age will need to wear a mask in a public or commercial building. Masks are also required in outdoor public spaces when …

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The nationwide mask mandate in Ohio begins on Thursday, the governor says

More and more government and local leaders are making similar demands. As of Monday, masks will be needed in Indiana. In Minnesota, the governor prescribes that people must wear masks in companies and indoor public spaces from Saturday. And the Mayor of Washington, DC, has just tightened the district’s mandate. “We need to get this virus under control, wearing masks …

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DeWine warns that Ohio could “become Florida” if the number of cases increases

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine warned during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that his state could become Florida, a current COVID-19 epicenter in the United States. DeWine, initially praised for proactive measures to prevent coronavirus spread in Ohio, has been criticized for refusing to issue a nationwide mask ordinance. At the end of April, DeWine issued a …

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