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The mysterious interstellar object ‘Oumuamua gets a new origin story

More than two years after its discovery, the mysterious interstellar object ‘Oumuamua’ gets a new story of origin. According to a study published in Nature, ‘Oumuamua – which means “Boy Scout” or “Boy Scout” in Hawaiian – could have been torn from a larger object due to the gravity of a nearby star. “We have shown that” Oumuamua-like interstellar objects …

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Study: “The interstellar object of Oumuamua could be a remnant of a” super earth “.

Enlarge /. An artistic impression of ‘Oumuamua. A new study based on computer simulations offers a comprehensive theory of how it came about and where it came from, taking into account the strange properties of the interstellar object. ESO / M. grain knife At the end of 2017, our solar system received its first interstellar visitor: a bizarre cigar-shaped object …

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‘Oumuamua story of origin: How our mysterious interstellar visitor was born

The first known interstellar visitor to our solar system may have a very violent history. The mysterious object ‘Oumuamua, discovered in October 2017 while zooming through the inner solar system, is likely a fragment of a larger body that was torn apart by gravitational forces while its native star flew by, according to a new study. This “tidal fragmentation scenario …

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New theory explains how the interstellar object “Oumuamua” got its freaky shape

Artistic impression of how Oumuamua formed based on the newly proposed scenario. illustration:: Yu Jingchuan from Beijing Planetarium In the three years since Oumuamua visited our solar system, scientists have had difficulty explaining some of its more puzzling features, including its cigar-like shape. State-of-the-art computer models provide some tempting new clues that show how likely the object is formed and …

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The interstellar comet Borisov usually looks what makes Oumuamua even stranger

This artist's depiction shows the first interstellar asteroid: Oumuamua. European Southern Observatory / M. Kornmesser One of the first profiles of the interstellar comet Borisov was published and looks much like most other comets. It does not look like this is the first interstellar object, Oumuamua which today had its next pass on Earth exactly two years ago. An article …

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How is the new interstellar object different from & # 39; Oumuamua?

Comet Borisov (left) against Oumuamua (right) Image: Gemini Observatory / NSF / AURA, the William Herschel Telescope The second recorded interstellar object has astronomical Observations of the last week visited our solar system. But how is this new visitor different from & # 39; Oumuamua, the first interstellar object? Scientists were eager to learn more about the comet C / …

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