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Overstock's CEO provided the DOJ with information on John Durham's review of investigational causes in Russia

Overstock's former CEO, Patrick Byrne, said he had provided information to the Department of Justice to investigate the origins of the investigation in Russia. In several interviews on Thursday after leaving the e-commerce retailer, he spent over two decades describing Byrne's information as an FBI informant, and later turned to Attorney General William Barr when he felt he was Being …

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Corey Lewandowski: Overstock's former CEO, Patrick Byrne, reported alleged ties with the Russian agent

Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager, said Thursday that the Senate should call overstock's former founder and CEO, Patrick Byrne, to testify about his alleged involvement in a Russian agent. Lewandowski, mentioned several times in the report of ex-Special Adviser Robert Mueller on the Russia investigation, talked about Martha MacCallum's Fox News & # 39; The Story, and charged Byrne …

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Overstock's Chief Executive Patrick Byrne resigns today in a "deep state" affair with convicted Russian agent Maria Butina and FBI involvement

Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com, resigned on Thursday after his cryptic statement last week about the "Deep State" and his involvement in various trade investigations. He also told the New York Times that he had an affair with the convicted Russian agent Maria Butina. In a letter to shareholders, Byrne said he had no choice but to resign after his …

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