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2 Hannaford employees in Scarborough, Oxford, test positive for coronavirus

Two employees at the Hannaford branches in Scarborough and Oxford tested positive for the corona virus on Sunday. A Hannford spokesman, Eric Blom, said they had been told that the two employees had tested positive for the virus. Neither of them worked in their stores for several days, said Blom. For reasons of data protection, no further information about the …

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Oxford University accepts £ 150m from the US private equity chief

Image Rights Getty Images Caption The multi-billionaire Stephen Schwarzman is a confidant of President Trump The largest single donation to a British university went to Oxford for a new institute dealing with the ethics of artificial intelligence. Stephen Schwarzman, a US private-equity billionaire who advised Republican presidents such as Donald Trump, has given the university 150 million pounds. A new …

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Oxford Research: Oceans Warm at Equivalent to 1 Atomic Bomb Blast Per Second

Photo: Unsplash // Youtube According to a report from researchers at the University of Oxford, climate change has been at a pace equivalent to one atomic bomb explosion per second over the past 150 years. Huh? Researchers published the findings in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. They say the oceans are absorbing 90 percent of the excess energy …

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Dark matter mystery solved? Oxford University scientists may have answered one of universe's biggest questions

Scientists might have solved the mystery of dark matter and dark energy. simple minus sign. Dark matter is perhaps the biggest question in astrophysics. Our current model suggests that there are vast amounts of energy and matter – 95 per cent of the universe – which must exist but is simply missing and which can not see. left Created with …

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We May Be All Alone in the Known Universe, a New Oxford Study Suggests

Humanity has long been wondering whether other worlds have intelligent enough to build advanced civilizations. The notion has not inspired countless works of science fiction, but dreams of space exploration beyond our solar system. A study released last week by Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute: It's quite The Fermi paradox – the apparent discrepancy between the seeming likelihood of …

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IISc Bangalore back in world top list of universities, Oxford drops some scores

In a recent revelation, four of the most respected London universities have achieved global renown after overriding executive pay, underprivileged pay and censorship in the "safe room." Bangalore Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has made it to the list of the Top 100 World Ranking Rankings 2018. The last time it was presented was 2011. According to this year's World …

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