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2019 BMW X7 is a three-row SUV, packed with technology

The BMW X7 from 2019 proves that when someone roars loud enough, someone listens. After all. For years, BMW fans have been screaming for a true three-row SUV. They had to sit around while Mercedes-Benz shoppers flapped their GLS classes with their wings, but now is the time to step on the field. The X7 features the latest version of …

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Supermassive black hole spotted in the small, densely packed galaxy

Black holes come in different sizes, but the largest – popularly known as supermassive black holes – are mostly located in the center of massive galaxies like our own Milky Way galaxy. These vacancies weigh in the order of hundreds of thousands to billions of solar masses and have attracted much attention from scientists around the world. Such a work, …

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Two asteroids packed the earth for hours before anyone noticed it

For example, an asteroid approaching the Earth might look like from outer space. NASA Almost unnoticed, they crept away, but two small asteroids were discovered over the weekend, just hours after hurrying past about 72,000 miles – about a third of the distance to the moon. Asteroids 2018 NX and 2018 NW were first discovered Sunday by the Palomar Observatory …

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