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Beyoncé drops the surprise single ‘Black Parade’ on June 19th

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Beyoncé didn’t let Juneteenth pass without dropping one of her surprises – a new single called “Black Parade”. “I’m going back south, I’m going back where my roots are not watered down,” Beyoncé sings, opening the way. At several points in the release on Friday, the singer asked the audience to follow “Follow my Parade”. The …

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Flint, Michigan, Protest: Police have dropped weapons for the parade

Genesee County’s sheriff, Chris Swanson, spoke to protesters who were hit by police officers in combat gear, local subsidiary WEYI reported. “The only reason we’re here is to make sure you have a voice – that’s it,” said Swanson in video clips that were shown on Twitter. “These cops love you – this cop hugs people over there,” he said, …

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Japan's imperial couple was greeted by thousands during the Tokyo parade

The emperor's car was part of a 400-meter motor-convoy of 46 vehicles carrying a number of dignitaries, including Crown Prince Akishino, Crown Princess Kiko, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The parade was due originally This event was scheduled for October 22, the same day as the official enthronement ceremony attended by dignitaries and kings from around 190 countries. However, …

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Texas Cheerleader saves suffocating toddler during the homecoming parade

A Texan cheerleader was reunited with the 2-year-old boy she saved when he started smothering a candy last week during a homecoming parade. Tyra Winters came into action during the Rockwall High School parade, as soon as she heard someone screaming for help, Fox 4 News reported. Winters, a high school graduate whose mother had shown her the Heimlich maneuver …

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Communist China does not make Hong Kong restless, the trade war rains on its parade

BEIJING – Chinese President Xi Jinping Chairman of a grand military parade marking the 70th anniversary of Communist rule, a strength prediction as the country struggles with a challenge from President Trump while Hong Kong prepares for another round of anti-Beijing protests. "There is not every power that can shake the status of our great motherland," said Mr. Xi from …

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China bans flying pigeons and drones while Beijing prepares for its 70th anniversary military parade

China has banned flying pigeons and drones over Central Beijing as the nation prepares for the 70th anniversary of the ruling Communist Party on October 1, which includes a massive military parade. Training pigeons and racing pigeons are a popular hobby in China. Many districts of Beijing harbor pigeon barns on their roofs. 15 Military aircraft over the parade route …

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