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‘Partial Supernova’ shoots a white dwarf star across the Milky Way

A strange white dwarf star racing through the Milky Way could be the survivor of a “partial supernova”, according to a new study. White dwarfs are the cool, dark, earth-sized cores of dead stars that remain after medium-sized stars have exhausted their fuel and shed their outer layers. Our sun will one day become a white dwarf, as will more …

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MLBPA proposes an MLB season 2020 with 70 games and partial payment

Now watch: Report: MLBPA proposes a return plan for 70 games to MLB (0:53) It’s been a good two days in the world of major league baseball negotiations. The league has reportedly made a proposal on Wednesday for a 60-game season in which players will be paid pro-rata, which the union has been demanding since the talks began. Agreement has …

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See a strawberry moon and partial lunar eclipse on Friday

The full moon in June is called the “strawberry moon” because it takes place during the strawberry season. On Friday, people in many parts of the world can watch a partial penumbra eclipse – when the moon passes through the outer shadow of the earth. The solar eclipse will be visible in Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa, but you can …

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Dellin Betances suffers from a partial Achilles tendon

Yankees Reliever Dellin Betances suffered a partial rupture of his left Achilles tendon, Jack Curry of the YES Network was among those to be reported. Betances sustained the injury on Sunday in Toronto, according to New York Times (19459007) James Wagner, who adds that an operation is currently being considered. The right-handed person will seek a second opinion, after Wagner …

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General Electric wins partial rejection of shareholder lawsuit

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A federal judge in Manhattan on Thursday partially dismissed a lawsuit filed by investors in General Electric Co, which accused the company of hiding $ 24 billion in insurance liabilities and using fraudulent accounting, to drive forward its electricity business. FILE PHOTO: The General Electric Co. logo is on the company's headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, on …

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Lunar Eclipse Today: A partial lunar eclipse will be visible around the world today – on July 16, the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11

Archive: Apollo 11 Astronauts on Moon Landing Skywatchers across much of the world may observe a partial lunar eclipse on Tuesday or early Wednesday, depending on where you are. The solar eclipse coincides with the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 in which astronauts landed on the moon for the first time. The celestial event will be visible …

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