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Parts of the Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Harlem remain in the dark due to a power outage in NYC

MANHATTAN (WABC) – A brief blackout affected Manhattan early Friday, affecting the Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Harlem. The outage occurred shortly after 5:15 a.m. on Friday. A live camera from Eyewitness News appeared to be showing no power on the upper west side north of West 72nd Street. Con Edison’s online indicator rose from 67 outages to …

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The Senate GOP and the White House agree on important parts of the Covid aid package. The economic plan is to be published

Senate chairman Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican, announced the “basic agreement” to fund the GOP plan, which would include $ 105 billion for schools and additional billions of test resources. “I think our agreement reflects our priorities going back to school, back to childcare, and back to work,” Lamar Alexander, Senate Health Chairman, a Tennessee Republican, told reporters when he …

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Terrifying photos show “ultra-black fish” camouflaged in the darkest parts of the ocean

Scientists have now uncovered the secrets behind the magical disappearance of some fish lurking in some of the deepest parts of the ocean. These “ultra black” fish are among the darkest creatures ever found and are designed to camouflage themselves from predators without sunlight. According to a study published in Current Biology on Thursday, certain exotic fish have adapted the …

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Workstation parts for OEMs only

Last year we found that AMD is on the market to hire a new senior product manager for a workstation division. This was a categorically different position than the leading PM for high-end desktops, and that’s why we speculated on what it actually means. Today, AMD announces its first workstation products under the Ryzen Threadripper Pro brand. However, it should …

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Uber drivers set their own rates in parts of California

Uber has drivers in Southern California and Sacramento set their own rates, a feature that will soon be available in the Bay Area and across the state. This is part of the San Francisco Ride-Hail company’s attempts to demonstrate that drivers are independent and should not be classified as an employee under AB5, California’s new law on gig work. AB5 …

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