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A coronavirus-overwhelmed hospital in Texas can send some patients home to die

Government and health officials in Starr County announced this week that they will establish patient review committees at Starr County Memorial Hospital in Rio Grande City. At least 50% of patients admitted to the hospital emergency room tested positive for Covid-19, said Dr. Jose Vasquez, the county health agency, at a press conference earlier this week. “The situation is desperate,” …

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The Texas Covid-19 hot spot faces a tsunami of patients overwhelming hospitals

Now, weeks later, she is wearing a necklace with his ashes. “He meant the world,” said Jessica, who comes from Hidalgo County in southern Texas, and remembered her 27-year-old brother. “I just wish he wasn’t.” Health experts say there is no evidence that bodies are contagious after death, but the moment speaks for fear and concern in Hidalgo County, where …

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Coronavirus vaccine study: Tested for the first time in the United States, revealed antibodies in patients, researchers say

The first coronavirus vaccine tested in the United States strengthened study participants’ immune systems and is said to be an important step in the right direction to eradicate COVID-19. “No matter how you cut this, that’s good news,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci told The Associated Press. The vaccine, developed by researchers from the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc., …

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While Texas is seeing an increase in coronavirus patients, the military is deploying medical personnel

The staff at the 627th Carson, Colorado hospital center will “provide medical help by being embedded in medical facilities in the San Antonio, Texas region,” a statement by the U.S. Northern Command monitoring US military operations in the north. America. “The medical staff includes nurses in the emergency room and in the intensive care unit, respiratory specialists and auxiliary staff,” …

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As the corona virus rebounds, more patients are hospitalized

Perhaps most frightening, at the urging of doctors and consultants, state officials this week activated “Crisis Standards for Nursing” protocols that determine for hospitals which patients receive ventilators and care when the system is overwhelmed by the pressure of patients. “I think it’s pretty obvious that we’re not going in the right direction,” said Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s leading …

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Coronavirus Live News: India Evacuates Covid-19 Patients Before Cyclone As 30,000 People Die in Brazil | World news

9:22 p.m. Summertime 21:22 New Zealand sees no new cases for the 12th day in a row Guardian’s Charlotte Graham-McLay has this report: New Zealand reported a twelfth consecutive day with no new cases of Covid-19 as the government is considering abandoning all of the country’s remaining restrictions, except for strict border controls, as early as next week. Only one …

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